Whizzer Package Hardware (Inquire)
*currently being built back up again.

Item# Description Price (USD)
w-8 700 or 300 S Coil 3 Screws and Washers $
w-20 Belt Guard 4 Screws and Washers $
w-26 Bi-Lite Door "Rim" 1 Screw Stainless Steel $
w-27 Cable Clamp 2225 2 Screws and Nuts  $
w-24 Carburetor Mount 2 Nuts and Washers $
w-34 Carburetor Studs 1/4" Short 2 Studs  $
w-21 Clutch Cable Bracket "On Seat Post 3 Screws, Nuts and Washers" $
w-23 Coil Guard 2 Allen Screws  $
w-5 Crankcase Breather "Philips Head, Late Engine" 2 Screws and Washers $
w-4 Crankcase Breather "Slotted Head, Early Engine" 2 Screws and Washers $
w-10 Crankcase Cover 11 Screws "Plated"  $
w-33 Crankcase Studs 5/16" 7 Studs with Nuts $
w-35 Crankshaft Bearing Flang 3 Screws and Special Lock Washers $
w-17 Cylinder 2 Crankcase Studs 4 nuts and lock washers $
w-31 Exhaust Elbow "Cast Aluminum" 2 Bolts 1/4/20 and Washers $
w-30 Exhaust Elbow "Cast Iron" 2 Screws 10/24 and Washers $
w-28 Fender to Brace "Schwinn Fenders" 8 slotless Screws Rivet type head with nuts" $
w-29 Fender to Brace "Whizzer Fenders" 10 slotless Screws Rivet type head with nuts" $
w-14 Frame Clamps Upper and Lower on S/Post 7 Screws, Nuts, and Washers $
w-19 Front Motor Mount Clamps "Guide Bar 4 Screws, Nuts, and Washers   $
w-22 Gas Tank 4 Screws, Nuts, and Washers $
w-13 Head Bolt Washer  5/16" Nine Washers or 1/4" Nine Washers Please Specify $
w-11 Head Bolts 1/4" Four Long and Five Short Bolts "H" engine $
w-12 Head Bolts 5/16"  9 Bolts "All engines excluding H Engines" $
w-15 Moter Mount Bracket. Two Frame Clamp-Two Bolts, Nuts , and Washers $
w-16 Moter Mount Studs.  3 nuts, lock washers, and 2 special and Washers no longer avail.
w-7 Point Cover 2 Screws and Washers $
w-6 Point Mount 2 Screws and Washers $
w-25 Rear Stand Clip or 2253 Cable Clamp 2 Screws, Nuts, and Washers  $1.00
w-3 Sheave Ambassador or Pacemaker or if W7050 and W7055 Brackets are used $
w-2 Sheave Hardware used with Spacers 18 Screws, Nuts and Washers $10.00
w-1 Sheave Hardward used without Spacers 18 Screws, Nuts and Washers $10.00
w-9 Tappet Cover 2 Screws and Washers  $
w-32 Tillotson Bolt Cover, ML-5B or MT-12, 3 Screws and Washers $
w-18 Twist Grips "For 2 units" Four Screws $