Whizzer Literature  
Item# Description Price (USD)
N/A "New History of Whizzer 1939-1965" (updated with more pages, and some color photos!) $40.00
  Dealer Catalog 72 Pages (Copy) $12.00
  Installation and Operating Manual 15 Pages (Copy) 12.00
  Service Facts 67 Pages (Copy) $12.00
  Template for Whizzer Rear Fender Cutout $3.00
  The Pacemaker Models by Leonard Davis $1.00
  Whizzer Ad "Ride one and you will buy one" $1.00
  Whizzer Ad "Send Whizzer in for Factory Recondition"  $2.00
  Whizzer Model J and H Specs 1 Page $1.00
  Whizzer Overhaul Factory Reconditioned List 1 Page $1.00
  Whizzer Owners Manual INQUIRE
  Whizzer Service Bulletin "Needle Bearing, Crankshaft, and Crank Rod Assembly Instructions" $1.00
  Whizzer Service Pick Up Ad 1 Page (Copy) $1.00
  Whizzer Service Pick Up Ad 1 Page Both Sides (Copy) $1.00