Whizzer Fenders and Braces  
Item# Description Price (USD)
w-52 24" S-10 Front Fender SOLD OUT
w-51 24" S-10 Rear Fender SOLD OUT
w-41 Pacemaker or Ambassador Fender Braces Set of Five Inquire
w-40 Ambassador or Pacemaker Front Fender SOLD OUT
w-55 Ambassador  Rear Fender SOLD OUT
w-39 Pacemaker Rear Fender SOLD OUT
405 B6 Front Fender  $135
404 B6 Rear Fender $130
w-64 Fender Wings/Tips Front and Rear 3.5" set of 3 SOLD OUT!
w-57 Sportsman Less Reverse Brace Set of Four $60.00
w-53 S-10 Braces Inquire
w-56 Sportsman Fenders Pair inquire
WSFB Sportsman Special Rear Fender Brace $25.00
w-47 WZ Fender Braces Set of Four Inquire
w-46a WZ Front Fender  $200
w-46b WZ Rear Fender $130.00