Bike Books   
Item# Description Price (USD)
hub The Big Book of Vintage Bicycle Hubs  $20.00
ab 100th Anniversary Issue American Bicyclist 366pgs sold out
book1 How To Restore Your Collector Bicycle $25.00
book2 Bicycle Collectibles and Where to Find Them  
book3 The American Bicycle out of print
book4 Schwinn Book $15.00
book5 Bicycle Blue Book $11.00
book6 Super Balloon Tire Bicycles 1933- World War II $25.00
book7 Introduction Guide to Collecting The Classics $14.95
book8 Island Cycle Supply's 1938 Catalog $12.00
book9 Collectable Schwinn Stingray Bicycles 1963 1/2 -1979 $25.00
book10 Schwinn Built Bicycles 1950-1965 $20.00
book13 J.C. Higgins Sears and Wards Bicycles 1930-1960 $35.00
book14 Serial Number Book $8.00
book15 Classic American Bicycles All-Color Collectibles out of print
book16 Collecting and Restoring Antique Bicycles out of print
book17 1957 Schwinn Parts and Accessories Catalog $8.00
book18 The Bicycle Repair Book   
book19 Schwinn Bicycle 100 Year History out of print
Book 20 Mead Cycle Catalog Early 1900s 44 Page out of print
Book 21 Schwinn Classic Bicycles Collectors Library 

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