Bike Seats  
Item# Description Price (USD)
  Cruiser Crash Rail Seat  (a hobby favorite!!)

*NOW AVAILABLE IN RED, BLACK, WHITE, and usually two shades of BROWN (ask for up to date choices)

mb-200 Antique Saddle Hairpin $40.00
58527 Apple Krate Seat (69-73) no longer made
58528 Apple Krate Seat 68 no longer made
130 Chrome Saddle Guard Rail $15.00
cps Cotton Picker Seat 70-71 no longer made
724f Flower Banana Seat 17" $20.00
523 Furry Seat Cover $12.00
49394 Ghost Flame Seat inquire
  Grape Krate Seat no longer made
  Grey Ghost Seat 1971 no longer made
A2539 Krate Suspension Seat Strut INQUIRE
58530 Lemon Peeler Seat no longer made
58529 Orange Krate Seat 68 no longer made
58521 Stingray Seat Blue no longer made
58523 Stingray Seat Green no longer made
58522 Stingray Seat Red no longer made
58520 Stingray Seat Silver no longer made
  Why not call and inquire about our economy banana seat options. Many colors to choose from** Most only $30.00!!!
  Phantom Leather Saddle inquire on restored originals
  Tourist Mattress Saddle $20.00
  Sting-ray Seat Post, Good for All Older Schwinn Bikes $12.00