Bike Headlights and Taillights  
Item# Description Price (USD)
770 J.C. Higgins Bat Wing Headlight no longer made
775 Delta Rocket Ray Headlight Inquire
pt1 Delta Torpedo Headlight $75.00
383 Torpedo Style Headlight $30.00
381 Bullet Headlight   *specify std. or visor style* Inquire
512 Generator Set Inquire
382 2 Cell 60's Style Headlight SOLD OUT!
282a 1 Cell 60's Style Headlight SOLD OUT!
734 Utility Light with Green Lens SOLD OUT!
41156 Phantom Headlight   COMPLETE! $150.00
r115-00 Columbia Headlight     SOLD OUT!
667 Monark Headlight Cover no longer made
668 Monark Headlight Internal Parts no longer made
672 Monark Pedestal Light Top no longer made
774 AM/FM Radio, Horn and Headlight  no longer made
40015 Phantom Taillight  $50.00
mt1 Monark Taillight  SOLD OUT!
rt1 Roadmaster Headlight no longer made
N/A Miscellaneous Taillights please call for more information N/A
N/A Miscellaneous Headlight please call for more information N/A
501 Fenderlite Cover: All Chrome (just paint it to match your bike) $50.00
502 Fenderlite Battery Tray with Reflector $30.00
503 Fenderlite Lens $20.00
505 Fenderlite Switch $12.00
N/A Old Battery Tubes Call
A2125 Delta Triple Light NOS SOLD OUT!