Bike Hubs (INQUIRE)  
Item# Description
40047 Phantom Rear Hub Coaster 22T Sprocket
745 New Departure Rear Hub in 28 or 36 holes with 1"
or Standard Sprocket (Please Specify!)
  Elgin Rear Hubs
  Morrow Rear Hubs
  Musselman Rear Hubs
  J.C. Higgins Rear Hubs
746 Bendix Rear Hub Available in 28 or 36 hole,
with 1" or Standard Sprocket
 (Please Specify!)
Call New Departure Front Hub (Specify 28 or 36 Hole)
749 Schwinn Front Hub   (Specify 28 or 36 Hole)
  Nexus 4 Speed Hub
  Nexus 7 Speed Hub
743 Sturmey Archer Front Drum brake Hub
Call Bendix 2 Speed Kick-back

(Specify: Red,
Yellow, or Blue Band, in 28, or 36 Hole!)
(Tandems hubs are sometimes available too!)
  Bendix One Speed Red Band (Specify 28 or 36 Hole)
  Schwinn Front Axel Set
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