Bike Hubs  
  **all hubs bench tested, and are mechanically sound. In some instances, they are rebuilt, re-plated etc.**  
Item# Description Price (USD)
40047 Phantom Rear Hub Coaster 22T Sprocket $40.00/stock is running low!
745 New Departure Rear Hub in 28 or 36 holes with 1" or Standard Sprocket (Please Specify!) $70.00
  Elgin Rear Hubs $60.00
  Morrow Rear Hubs $70.00
  Musselman Rear Hubs $60.00
  J.C. Higgins Rear Hubs $60.00
746 Bendix Rear Hub Available in 28 or 36 hole, with 1" or Standard Sprocket (Please Specify!) CALL
Call New Departure Front Hub (Specify 28 or 36 Hole) $40.00
749 Schwinn Front Hub   (Specify 28 or 36 Hole) $40.00
  Nexus 4 Speed Hub $120.00
  Nexus 7 Speed Hub $150.00
743 Sturmey Archer Front Drum brake Hub INQUIRE
Call Bendix 2 Speed Kick-back - Rebuilt (Specify: Red, Yellow, or Blue Band, in 28, or 36 Hole!) (Tandems hubs are sometimes available too!) when in stock, they are typically $90.00-$125.00
  Bendix One Speed Red Band (Specify 28 or 36 Hole) $50.00
  Schwinn Front Axel Set $20.00
  <<<<Why not phone us with your hub needs. We build wheels too!>>>>